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China PRCD Adapter
Please pay attention to the following points when connecting the power supply:
1. Choose a suitable length, do not use in bundles, easy to catch fire due to heat
2. Do not use over power. Using over power may cause the line to be heated by high temperature and catch fire
3. When the outer coating of the wire is damaged or the plug is abnormal, please replace it quickly.
4. Do not use it in a high-temperature and humid environment to avoid accidents such as leakage
5. Please do not disassemble the wire or process it separately or use it for abnormal purposes
Environmentally friendly flame retardant materials
Using high-performance polycarbonate material, the surface is smooth and delicate, not easy to fade, strong and durable, high impact resistance, high temperature without cracks, high flame resistance, overall heat resistance of 100 degrees without deformation
Our products are made from plastic PVC pellets, wire production, plug injection, etc. Actively adopt national and international standards organizations, products are exported to Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, South Africa and other more than ten countries and regions.China PRCD Adapter

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